Ice hockey arena is located on Pobřežní Street in the sports facilities complex next to the town football stadium and town outdoor swimming pool. The arena runs from July until April( changes may occur pending booking the ice time). The ice rink is 58x28m large.

In summer it is possible to use the arena for various cultural and social events but also for sport activities such as ball games, volleyball, footvolley and tennis, floorball, street hockey and box-lacrosse.

There is a restaurant with a view on the ice surface on the first floor of the new building which is opened daily from 15.00 to 23.00 and from 11.00 to 24.00 at the weekends respectively.

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Pronájem ledové plochy 60 min.
Od 1. 7. do 31. 8.2 000 Kč
Od 1. 9. do 30. 4.1 900 Kč
Hodinové vstupné
Dospělí30 Kč
Děti do 15 let20 Kč
Nebruslící doprovod5 Kč
Půjčovna bruslí (platí pro jeden blok bruslení v délce 1,5 hod)
Děti20 Kč
Dospělí30 Kč
mapPobřežní 1547, Tachov
phone+420 374 724 567

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